Late Nights on Long Roads

12 Mar

Holy cow it’s 4pm on Saturday and I’m just now posting.

My avid subscribers are aware that I typically post at 9am every day.  Fun fact: I actually write posts the night before and aut0 schedule them for the following day at 9am.   But last night, I found myself on a long drive home to central Pennsylvania after using my Friday evening to explore my next Lollipop Tuesday event.

Dave was driving for a good portion of it, but there’s only so long a mere human being can go with no sleep before involuntarily passing out.  And since he was up at 7, worked his day job, and then went to his night job until midnight – things can get real sleepy real fast.  And that’s when I stepped in.

Of course, I’m almost always sleepy.  I can pretty much sleep anywhere, any time, and in virtually any position.  I don’t know why – I’m just special that way.  In fact, at one point my parents were so concerned about my constant tired state that they had me submitted to a sleep test center.  You can read about the beauty of my experience here, in a post from long, long ago when I was just a wee lass.   So it’s usually a crap shoot to have me drive.  I might start out bright eyed and bushy-tailed, but there’s no way of knowing how long it will be before I’m droopy, weary, and ready to cash in.

About halfway through my shift, I began to rotate through the myriad of tricks I’ve developed over the years.  They include

  • Blaring rock music
  • Playing music I can sing to (and singing in an awful and hilarious manner for my own entertainment)
  • Rolling down the window so that my face is stung with the cold winter air
  • Drumming on the steering wheel
  • Talking to myself
  • Writing a to-do list inside my head
  • Playing out hypothetical situations with myself
  • Waking Dave up to make him talk to me about silly subjects (last resort)

To further complicate the process, we were out of windshield wiper fluid and it was a particularly dirty, wet night.    I was playing an intricate passing lane game with a truck that was constantly splooging its dirt water all over the windshield, which then required me to pull over and send Dave to get snow from the bushes.

He threw snowballs at the car and I clicked the wipers.  It was a fun, sad game.

But we made it.  Slowly but surely we crawled sleepily across Pennsylvania and pulled into our resting place at 1:30am, where we promptly passed out.  Without writing a blog post.

And so here I am, paying for my neglect on a bright, beautiful Saturday afternoon.  But hey- it’s my first truly late post (but still easily meets my midnight deadline) in my 2.5 months of postaday2011.

And that ain’t so bad. 



3 Responses to “Late Nights on Long Roads”

  1. Cindy March 13, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    Chocolate-covered espresso beans are God’s gift to women driving long distances – all the caffeine without the pit stops! I also like “atomic fireballs” – burning layers of mouth cells seems to keep me awake for some reason!


  2. Mike March 15, 2011 at 2:09 am #

    Missing from your “myriad of tricks”:

    Energy drink
    Big League Chew Bubble Gum
    Hulk sized punch in the arm


    • Jackie March 15, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

      Oh man. You’re totally right. I usually have an arsenal beside me.

      But nothing beats that Florida trip when I asked you to hit me as hard as you could. LOL


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