What’s Lollipop Tuesday?

Lollipop Tuesday is a special series on The Jackie Blog, where on occasion I will try something new that I will undoubtedly suck at and share my degradation with you all in a Tuesday post.  Some may be mundane, some may be ridiculous, and when I run out of ideas, some may even be illegal.

Why Tuesday?  Because Tuesday is the most overlooked day of the week.    Mondays symbolize a new beginning – the start of a new diet attempt, the forerunner of the work week.  Wednesdays are hump day – dedicated to a celebration of making it halfway to the weekend.  Thursdays are thirsty and spent in anticipation of Friday, which is the happiest of workdays and the partier of the bunch.  Saturdays and Sundays are no contest.  And poor little Tuesday is left alone in the mix like a redheaded stepchild.  It never did anything to anyone.

So Tuesdays shall henceforth be known as Lollipop Tuesdays.  They will be a celebration of new attempts in unfamiliar territories. Feel free to chime in with ideas, which you can leave in the comments section of this page.  Who knows – I might even use yours. And if you’d like to try to suck less as well, I invite you to try a Lollipop Tuesday of your own (clicky click) and then share it with me. I’d love to hear all about it.

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

Please note that in 2011 when I posted daily, I did one Lollipop Tuesday each week.  I now post at my leisure and when I have a Lollipop Tuesday to share, it comes in a surprise Tuesday post.
Share an idea in the comments and consider giving it a try yourself. I know it’s scary. But if an awkward hermit like me can survive a pole-dancing class, Bikram yoga, and a civil war reenactment, you’re going to be just fine. 

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