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A Luck Dragon Would Be SO COOL.

12 Jan

I have emerged from my sickness cocoon.

Yesterday, for the first time in 4 days, I was restored to my full dual-nostril nose breathing capabilities.   Behold the power;  I shall use this newfound oxygen intake to do large-scale and bewildering things. 

I had the energy to hang out again –  I wanted to be social.

Of course, when I say I wanted to “be social,” it’s like a 13-year old Mormon girl saying she wants to “get freaky.”  

So maybe not social.  Maybe I just thought it would be a really awesome idea to watch  The Neverending Story at the exact same time as one of my friends and to text each other about it while it played.   But I thought there’s no way I’m going to be able to make this sound cool at all. 

I called up my friend Scott in Chicago and sheepishly asked him what he was doing and if he maybe wanted to start The Neverending Story at the exact same time as me and then text back and forth about the experience while it was happening.   ABSOLUTELY he says, but he’s on his way to a theater gig and can’t hang out and maybe tomorrow.

Damn.  There’s absolutely no way I know two people who I can talk into doing this with me right now.

But then I remember I’m a new woman.  I’m an oxygen hogging, dual-nostriled breather and I can do new and amazing things.  So  I call up my friend Karl-with-a-“k” (also in Chicago) and ask him what he’s doing right now and does he want to watch The Neverending Story and text each other about the experience while it’s happening.  He says:

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me.  Let me just get it on the screen here.  I mean I’m not really doing anything except walking around in my apartment.”

That’s why I love Scott. And that’s why I love Karl-with-a-“k”.   Because this morning I bought a Groupon  for drycleaning and felt like I was getting old. 

But then I thought about how at any given time I have two people in the world who think it’s an awesome idea to sit down with me wherever they are, play The Neverending Story at exactly the same time as me and text about the experience as it’s happening.

And hey – as long as that’s true, at least I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to grow up.


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