Behold, the Power of the Pizza Spatula

16 Jan


Last night I took a pizza out of the oven with a genuine, certifiable pizza spatula and it made me feel powerful.

I’ve always ignored the part on the package where it says to cook it directly on the oven rack, thinking that whoever writes theses pizza box directions must be out of their minds.  How could they possibly expect me to be able to retrieve the pizza once I’ve sent it into the depths of the oven’s firey belly?

The answer, my friends, is a pizza spatula.  And it will change the way you look at frozen pizzas forever.

I would never buy a pizza spatula.  I don’t think it occurs to many people that this is something they will need to invest in if they want to make only the most delicious frozen pizzas possible.  I only happened upon this particular kitchen utensil thanks to Dave.

See, Dave is always pulling wacky things out of his bedroom,  closets, and pants.  At any given time of day, regardless of his location I can express to him a need for an item that he either has readily on his person or can make available to me given a pacifier, a rubber band, and a paper clip. 

He recently got a winter coat with a grand total of 14 pockets.  Watching him find the keys at the front door has never been such a delight.

Sometimes tire of the wacky items game and attempt to convince him to throw them out.  Case in point: a food processor from the 1950’s that sits in a tote in our closet.  He hangs on to this treasure in hopes that someday I will up my game in the kitchen to include its use.   Perfectly cut potatoes, from-scratch tomato sauce, and perfectly blended creams and icings are all cooking and baking gems trapped with good intention inside that tote. But every once in a while, Dave stumbles out of the abyss of his bedroom and hands me something I think is the absolute coolest thing I will ever see in my life.   And yesterday, it was the pizza spatula.

Try it: go to the store and get yourself a frozen pizza.  Go to Dave’s room and get yourself a pizza spatula.  And then feel the absolute power of retrieving your full-fired pie from the belly of the beast. 

… maybe I really do need to get out m0re.


2 Responses to “Behold, the Power of the Pizza Spatula”

  1. Jenny Ketcham January 18, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    Fourteen pockets?? The mind boggles…another fun article, nonetheless. Keep ’em coming!


    • Jackie January 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

      It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Inside, outside, top, bottom and sides. The possibilities for lost items are endless. 🙂


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