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10 Reasons You Should Give Obama a Break

26 Jan

Last night, President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address.   Today, millions of Americans will attack him.    And  so today I present to you a common-sense guide entitled:

Reasons You Should Give Obama a Break

1) The man spends his workdays genuinely attempting to solve issues for not only America, but the world.  Big things.  Things like immigration, foreign policy and international relations.  Things like education, the economy, job growth, and sustainable energy.  Now think of what’s on your daily to-do list.  I don’t know about you, but some days I have a hard time just convincing myself to take a shower.

2) Chances are, he’s not the one you should be mad at.  It isn’t just the President who runs the country, folks.  He’s just one branch of a three branch system.  And by the way, we vote for those people.  Well, kind of.  Quite frankly our voter turnout is pretty pathetic.  About 30% of Americans don’t even bother.  Malta rocks a 95% turnout.  Malta! Do you even know where that is?!  And for non-presidential elections, that number is even more frightening, in spite of the fact that it’s our local legislatures who make the most difference in our daily lives.

3) He’s just one guy.  Yes, a big important guy that we expect to perform when we put him in office.  But one guy nonetheless.  It takes an entire government to make legislation.  Even if Obama agrees with every single belief and agenda that you do, he is unable to get those things accomplished without the help of others.  And those others tend to argue.  A lot.

4) We have a lot of problems.  And we can only work on so many at one time.  Yes, immigration needs addressed.  Yes, we need better education and a higher percentage of high school graduates.  Yes, we absolutely need sustainable energy and jobs and infrastructure and lower national debt and on and on and on.  Unfortunately, we can only do so much at once.  Think about all the things you need to improve about your life and all the things on your to-do list.  Aren’t you incredibly overwhelmed and amazingly ineffective if you go at them all instantly and with equal fervor?  Now increase the urgency on them by 1000%, add millions of people who think you should start their action item first, and only give yourself 4 years (minus campaigning) to accomplish all of them.

5) He has an incredibly difficult job.   Have you ever considered that in the midst of all this, he’s just a human?   He’s just a dude.  A regular dude trying to solve the problems of an entire country and somehow find time to be with his family.  Every single thing he does is scrutinized.  Even his iPod playlist.  That’s right: We got on Clinton for sex in the Oval Office, and we go after Obama for his affection for Lil Wayne and Nas.  

6) He has to know a lot of stuff.  Because we pretty much expect him to know everything, don’t we?   Think about how much you paid attention in your Civics, World History, and Politics classes.    Everything you ignored you expect him to know. 

7) He can’t fool around.  If he doesn’t do what the President is expected to do, no one else can step up and complete the task for him.  Think of all the things you put off at work.  Think about the time you spend browsing on the Internet or checking your phone or having a headache or being cranky.    Think about the tasks you are assigned that sit on the back burner or hide in a drawer or you convince someone else to do.  A lot of those things just simply aren’t options when you’re the leader of an entire nation.

8 ) He can’t stutter.  How are you in front of crowds?  How about big ones?  How about big ones full of important people, some of whom hate you before you even speak your mind?   The number one phobia in America is still public speaking, and that typically refers to speaking up in small crowds, standing in front of auditoriums, or simply stating ideas aloud for criticism.   Now think about all the words you mispronounce, the pressure you feel when you have to answer a tough, unexpected question, and how difficult it is for you to write a speech.  You don’t expect him to have those problems.

9) Americans aren’t doing much to help.  Well, some are.  Are you?  When you were upset about health care reform (either its enactment or its repeal), did you complain to your friends and neighbors or did you call your representative?  If you think illegal immigrants should get the boot, have you done any sort of research to realize what that entails? Have you come up with any ideas? Because I don’t know if you’ve been listening, but the President has been asking for ideas ever since he entered the office. 

10) No, really – Americans aren’t doing much to help.  Not just with ideas, but with doing our part.  Volunteer locally.  Donate or rally for causes you support. Go get some exercise and help cut down your state’s disgusting obesity rate (which is hanging at above 20% unless you’re from Colorado or D.C.).  Pick up a piece of litter.  Recycle.  Don’t drive somewhere if you can walk there.  Help someone.  Encourage others to do the same.  We’re all suppose to be trying to make things better, not just staring at a bunch of old farts on Capitol Hill and waiting for one of them to turn into our nation’s fairy godmother.  



Larry, the Lump-Necked Giraffe

8 Jan

Oh man, I haven’t even been blogging for a full week yet.    Is it possible that I’ll find something worth babbling on about every single day for another 359 days?  Yeah, probably.  I mean, as long as the world continues to harbor such great inspiration for mockery (e.g. Sarah Palin, the Sun Chips bag recall, my disgustingly obese cats) I think I’ll be just fine.  Onward.

I’m incredibly ill today.  Turns out that I probably should have called off work this past week because by the time I made it to UrgentCare this morning, I was a pretty big mess.  Suffice it to say that my left tonsil is so huge that it hurts to move my neck. 

I keep thinking of ways to use this for the good; maybe I can use it as inspiration for a cartoon character – perhaps a giraffe that leans to the right and is shunned in social situations involving cooler, straighter-necked giraffes.  Or maybe I can just turn myself into a circus act.  Hey – with my developing Bikram Yoga skills, maybe I could contort myself into some kind of killer pose that accentuates my newly acquired neck tumor.  Then when Point Park sends me that damn theater alumni survey, I can finally check the box that indicates I am supporting myself solely by working in my field.

But alas, my illusions of carnie grandeur and children’s book author fame were nipped in the bud by a fancy pharmaceutical concoction called a Z-Pack. 

I must admit: I had absolutely no idea what a Z-Pack was until today.  Probably because the last time I had health insurance, it wasn’t one of the best-selling antibiotics in the world.   Back in my day, you had to take a whole bottle of antibiotics to get better -none of this 5-days-and-we’re-done stuff.   I suppose a shout-out is in order for President Obama.  Like him or not, the man got me healthcare.  And I’ve been working full-time ever since getting out of school, so keep your ignorant assumptions about me deserving to pay an average $250+/visit in your mouth please. Thanks.

By the way, if you think other people should be able to have affordable healthcare, you might want to speak out against the potential repeal.  Or even get involved.  Think about it.  Otherwise you might have a lot of up-and-coming children’s book authors and sideshow starlets that you’re not prepared for, America.

And so my weekend shall be spent indoors and unshowered, in the company of my overly obese cats and my PS3.  Well, actually, that’s how all my weekends are spent.  It’s just that this time it appears I actually have a reasonable excuse. ♣

P.S.  As promised, I’m actually, like, doing things to the site.  Check out the new “About” tab above and the ability to rate a post.  Stay tuned for more exciting changes to come.  I will be a force to be reckoned with.
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