Be a Fear Gobbler

25 Oct

Hey, Lollipop Tuesday has gotten harder with the removal of a car from the equation.  How was I supposed to make it to Scottish Line Dancing across town last night without a car to take me there?  I wasn’t.  So instead I decided to poke around a place I didn’t really belong.

Happy Lollipop Tuesday, ya’ll.

If you don’t think there’s anything special about Tuesdays, you should probably check out “What’s Lollipop Tuesday?” listed on this very same page at the tippy tippy top before reading on.  I don’t want you to have to keep living with that fallacy.

Have you ever wanted to just go in somewhere and pretend you belong there just to see if you could go unnoticed?  Or wanted to check out the inside of a building that seemed like it could be cool inside even though you didn’t really have a reason or a right to be there?  I think about those sorts of things a lot.  You can get away with a lot by just acting like you belong wherever you are.  Most people mind their own business and even the ones who don’t probably don’t have the courage to ask you why you’re out of your place.



That’s how Frank Abagnale Jr. did it, you know. 

Well he also had a significantly heavy skill set that was developed over time including check forgery, escape artistry, and general imposter.  But I don’t have any of those things so I had to just go with the ‘wander and look like you belong’ mantra. 

On the way to work today, as I was freaking out about spending last week getting a Lollipop Tuesday schedule together and then getting it knocked out of whack by the whole car-is-totaled-thing this weekend, Dave and I were walking and chatting about some of the buildings he’s been in.  I recalled a few weeks before that I was admiring a building downtown I never noticed the top of and he asked me if I’d ever been inside.   He had, he said, for a film shoot (big shot that he is) and it was truly beautiful.  He grabbed me and darted inside, where I saw a beautiful courtyard that was wasted behind closed doors.

As we drove past a beautiful building I see every day on the way to and from work, he asked me if I’d ever been inside it. Again, the answer was no and I asked how it was he ended up all these places.  After all, the building I was looking at had classes going on inside and wasn’t exactly public property from what I could tell.  

But I wasn’t going to be Scottish Line Dancing any time soon so on my way back home from work, I took a detour into the building and did my best impersonation of Frank Abagnale Jr. I just tried to blend in and not look nervous. 

Isn’t it stupid that someone can be so fearful of something so simple?  The worst thing that could happen was I’d get asked to leave.  What’s the big deal in that?   But when I look back only a few short months ago and I was paralyzed with fear at the idea of going in to a new restaurant alone, I’m glad for the awkward growing pains. 

As it turns out, the place is really lovely.  And it’s not that big of a deal at all to walk around a place you might not belong.  It was actually an art hall with  a little courtyard inside (what’s with these indoor courtyards?) and huge paintings.  I even poked through the hallways and stumbled upon a really lovely little auditorium all lit up without a soul in it. 

I made sure to take a picture so you wouldn't think I'm lying. Why do you always think I'm lying??


I considered a few uses for the stage; I always geek out when I find a new theater space. 

It was actually a really wonderful little time.  I don’t know when I lost my sense of adventure.  I should rephrase.  I don’t know when I let my fear trump my sense of adventure.  I think that when one succumbs to their fear, they settle.  I constantly deprive myself of new, sometimes mind-altering and almost always enjoyable experiences out of nothing but fear.  I don’t know what it will be like, what I’m supposed to do when confronted, what to say, how to blend in – all of these things are really not that complicated.  And yet somehow I let them get in the way.  That’s really what this whole year-long Lollipop Tuesday series has been about.

And I know I’ve said this before, because I really do so badly want you to try something new: but do something new this week. Anything.  Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to wander into? Or a walk you wanted to take or a part of town you wanted to explore or a class, a person, an anything-whatsoever that you’ve wanted to do or engage and you haven’t?  It doesn’t have to be huge.  It can be small.  But make it something.  Then come tell me about it.

Gobble up your fear one little experience at a time.

The Great Macaroni and Cheese Adventure Update: I’m cooking and baking and boiling away – I’ve got about half the recipes under my belt.  Last night I even had a few taste testers to help me score.  Soon, someone shall be named the winner of a $25 Visa Gift Card and I shall be the proud owner of the World’s Best Macaroni and Cheese recipe.  Stay tuned for the epicness. 

22 Responses to “Be a Fear Gobbler”

  1. pegoleg October 25, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    “Gobble up your fear one little experience at a time.” is a great line.

    There’s a big house in town that I’ve always wanted to look inside, but I don’t know the owners. Today’s the day I march right in and look around – what’s the worst that can happen? Thanks, Jackie, for the shot of inspiration!


    • Jackie October 25, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

      So at first I thought it was for sale or they did showings or maybe you even were going to knock on their door and compliment the place in hopes of an invitation. But then I realized it’s a joke. It’s all just one big joke.



      • pegoleg October 25, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

        You DO inspire me! Why, just last week I tried a Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks, and I NEVER go to Starbucks. And I went to a new coffee house to listen to Appalacian Folk Music this weekend – can’t remember ever doing that, either. See, you’re having an effect on me, of the very inspirational variety.


        • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

          Appalachian Folk Music?! Who even new such a thing existed. I hope there was some sort of native dancing 😉 Grats on branching out!!


  2. debra mckune October 25, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    I’m definitely going to try this!


    • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

      oooooh let me know how it goes!!


  3. The Good Greatsby October 25, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    I’ve always suspecting you can fit in just about anywhere by pretending you belong. I’ve tried this a few times with success but I always manage to embarrass my wife and she’s asked me to stop.


    • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

      LOL well I’m sure that in hindsight she’ll come to appreciate how you spice things up with adventure 🙂


  4. Jules October 25, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    OoooOohh. Adventures are fun fun fun! Getting into a place where you ‘think’ you’re not supposed to be is my kind of excitement. Even better when you have Mac n Cheese to devour after said adventures. Hey now, you can’t be exploring on an empty stomach.


    • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

      I can’t believe you didn’t scold me for eating mac and cheese! 😛


  5. Neil C. Reinhardt October 25, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    Hi Jackie,

    You said: “Why do you always think I’m lying??

    To me. the question is:

    WHY do YOU think WE think YOU are lying?

    As far as “Gobbling Fear”

    While I had thought the very dangerous things I have done where because just they sounded like neat things to do or an interesting way to earn money, (deep sea diving) perhaps all were about trying to over some fear I had. I do know my being a paratrooper was partly about my fear of heights and attempting to overcome it.

    When I think back, it seems I have alway been a “FEAR GOBBLER” From, in 1944 (while in the fifth grade) my stopping to two bullies from picking on an oriental kid like it was his fault the Japs had bombed us to stopping a crime in progress earlier this year.


    P.S. DID you look into getting a FREE car?


    • Katherine Gordy Levine October 26, 2011 at 12:35 am #

      Right on Neil, It’s like saying “I’m telling the truth.” Tell it don’t say it.


      • Neil C. Reinhardt October 26, 2011 at 3:31 am #

        Hi Katherine,

        Thank you!

        Only telling the truth has made me one of the most hated people on the internet. In fact, it is the reason a good friend & an NCR co-worker once (in 1964) gave me a nick name.

        John had gone out drinking & chasing women with me at some of my north Manhattan Beach bar hang outs, There he found about all those I introduced him to had a nick name while I had none. So the next monday at work, he said my nick name would be “Nasty Neil”

        When I asked John why he had chosen it, he replied: “It’s because you are always telling the truth and most people do not like hearing the truth.”

        So when I make factual statements on various subjects and when others, who while they do not agree with what I have said, are unable to either
        logically and/or factually prove I am wrong, get very mad at me. Then they, rather than their admitting Im correct OR their even attempting to prove I am wrong, attack, insult, lie to and lie about me. My being a grumpy old Son of a Beach as well as being a Type A ‘macho’ guy, I respond in kind.

        Recently, a guy with a widely read blog, & who calls himself an “IDIOT” launched an attack on me and it was filled with LIES. As I hate being lied to and about, I lost my temper and cussed him out.

        Now of course, while he refuse to publish the post he LIED about or my other responses to his LIES, as he has NO Honor, NO Integrity and NO Morals, he did publish my cussing him out.

        Then the SHEEP who follow him jumped all over me without their either taking the time or seemingly not even caring what the truth is, jumped all over me.

        IF the IDIOT had the least little bit of Fairness in him, he would publish my original post and let others decide who was telling the truth. Only I am sure he will never do so as as i said, he has NO morals.

        opps about forgot, he tried to justify his lies by saying everyone lies! And while this is true, NOT everyone is so lacking in Morals they lie about others as he has and does!

        Jackie, I am SORRY to get all carried away only I really hate liars in general and those who lie about others even worse. (And I very strongly doubt
        any of your readers would like to have someone LIE about them.)

        Please, Take Care!



    • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:45 pm #

      the lying thing was a joke 🙂 I would never think ya’ll are liars.

      Love the gobbling fear reminiscence – thanks for sharing!

      I’m thinking anything on Google trumpeting a free car is probably a sham 😉


      • Neil C. Reinhardt October 28, 2011 at 12:25 am #

        “lying thing was a joke 🙂 I would never think ya’ll are liars.”

        SORRY, only WE never said you thought we did. I suggest you read what I said before as you most certainty misunderstood it.

        “Love the gobbling fear reminiscence thanks for sharing!”

        You are most welcome.

        “I’m thinking anything on Google trumpeting a free car is probably a sham ;)”

        Then your thinking is totally incorrect! When I tell you something, you can rely on it being a fact! While there most certainly may be some crooked companies which are ALSO in the same business, this is true in many businesses
        A problem YOU MAY have in getting a FREE CAR and FREE INSURANCE would be YOUR FEAR about driving a car with ads on them.

        SO, you can ether check into it and possibly solve your transportation problems on the cheap, or not, It is most certainly your choice.


  6. Katherine Gordy Levine October 26, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Fear is almost always a false signal and when you do that quick reality check–everyone safe and then what’s the worse that will happen, one should always stare fear down and you are right each little step strengthen’s you.

    When I wandered where I might be questioned about being there, I usually just say, “Ooops, I sorry I thought this was open to all.”

    Sometimes, if someone official and officious looking approached me, I always said, “I’m so glad you’re here, I need help I think I’m lost, can you show me the way out.” Always fluxmixed the mean looking ones. Was easiest when I was young and sexy, but also easy now that I’m old and ditsy.

    Stay strong.


    • Neil C. Reinhardt October 26, 2011 at 2:35 am #

      1 PM PST CH 11 IN LA


    • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

      Love the tactic – might employ it! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing You’re right – if everyone is safe, what’s the worst that could happen? I’ve tried so many new things this year and I’m only better for it. It helps to remind myself of how easy it is once you just do it.


  7. pickle October 26, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    Oh Jackie!! I think I have found your next Lollipop Tuesday!! It’s free and plays on your inner creative soul. Planking. I planked for the very first time yesterday…check out my blog to see!!


    • Jackie October 27, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

      I’m amused by your choices of venue 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve got a bit of a transportation problem for the next 3 I had lined up so I can really use location-unspecific ones like these!


  8. Samantha October 26, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    I think I may take your fear gobbling and use it! 😀 There are a lot of old buildings in my city’s downtown area, and I would love to go in and explore them all, but I feel that same fear that I’m not supposed to be there, especially the ones that are abandoned, etc. But I’m a photographer, and if I’m ever going to get those shots I want, I’m going to have to just suck it up and go on in..


    • Neil C. Reinhardt October 26, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

      Hey Samantha,

      “Facing Fears” is fine and I have done so many times, Yet remember,

      “Discretion is the better part of valor”

      I’m 5′ 10 1/2 ” over 200 pounds, been trained in martial arts, deep sea diving, and as a civil defense auxiliary police officer, (I’m also a former bar bouncer as well as a paratrooper)

      This said, I would not go into some old deserted buildings in many downtown areas alone. Yes,
      I am now 76, only I would not have done so many years ago either as there are some very nasty people in our world.

      The odds are high there are some, to more than a few, very heavy drug users who are
      staying in those buildings and I worry for your safety.

      So IF you do decide to do it , please use some common sense and not only have pepper spray with you, take one or more others with you.


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